People who know me would probably say that my secret passion is sociolinguistics. I guess everyone has a topic that they could discuss for hours on end without getting tired and without losing enthusiasm. Mine is this one, I like analysing the interaction between languages and societies; I enjoy paying attention to the feelings that languages spark in people. When I take metro, I catch myself doing statistics on which language the passengers speak, when I do the shopping, I am aware of the language the cashier uses to address me, etc. Yep, it’s like being a doctor on call 24/7! I guess that’s what they call commitment…

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Do de llengua! (my blog)

Here you can visit the blog that I have been writing for 8 years now. I started it very young, when I was only 20, and for a long time I kept up with 2-3 posts a week that caused heated debates, with hundreds of readers and dozens of comments… I remember the article dedicated to the way Catalan TV treated the dialects of Catalan that almost hit 2,000 visits. Undoubtedly, the main hits of the blog were the article on whether we should remove the letter h (‘hac’) in Catalan, with more than 4,000 visits, and another polemic one that addressed two different variants of the Catalan word ‘please’, sisplau and si us plau, read by more than 10,000 people! Well, you can click the button and have a look at it, if you are so inclined.

Opinion article in VilaWeb

Unfortunately (well, in fact, fortunately!), nowadays I don’t have enough time to keep the same pace on the blog. Nevertheless, I was lucky to have an opportunity to publish some articles in Catalan mass media. For example, I addressed the issue with the restaurants Viena that were given an award for the excellence in use of Catalan, but when they expanded to Valencia, they decided to use Spanish only. It was a privilege for me to publish my article at VilaWeb (independent news platform), and I have to say it had a remarkable impact in social networks.

Opinion articles in Nú

I also got published at Nuvol, a digital platform focused on culture that aims to fill the gap and discuss all the cultural aspects that are neglected in newspapers due to space reasons, or just because they are not a part of the mainstream culture or are not a product of big companies. It is a pleasure to collaborate with them!


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